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Many people, regardless if they are in the music industry or not, use microphones for a variety of purposes and they use them on a regular basis as well. But if these microphones do not serve their purpose properly, that is if they do not provide the correct clarity of sound that is expected of them then the use of such microphones become disturbing to the crowd. Even if you are the audience you would not enjoy a performance which is filled with the shrilling and trilling sounds of the microphone that occurs due to some technical malfunctioning inside the device. So, it is very important that you ensure the use of microphones with a proper pairing device that will lead its sound to complete perfection and not let the disturbing sounds reach the audience and irritate them. So we suggest the use of xlr mic cable that has been known to solve the noise problem of microphones quite effectively and hence all microphone users are now opting to purchase and use these before plugging their microphones in to performance.

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